ARTY FURTADO, the new Electro/Pop voice

Born on June 14, 1998 in Switzerland to a mother from Guinea Bissau and a Russian father. ARTY is a young artist prodigy: author, composer, singer and dancer since he was a child. He speaks French, English, Russian and Portuguese. He takes Chinese and German classes. He began studying music theory and guitar at the age of 6. Barely one year later was he singing, in front of 600 people, the famous song by Claude Nougaro “Armstrong”, accompanied by a professional orchestra.

At the age of 8, he started to take hip hop classes. Careful and thorough, he enrolled in the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique of Geneva, in order to study singing and dramatic art, while developing his skills in sports like karate, soccer. He also attended a circus school. At the age of 10 he wrote his first song, dedicated to the environment, and inspired from “Come together”, a song by his favourite artist, Michael Jackson. At the age of 11 he starts taking piano classes.

Radio & TV Musical Revelation

In 2012 ARTY Revealed his talent on French television in the show “À la recherche du nouveau Michael Jackson”: he was voted “Best Dancer” (On channel W9, which belong to the M6 group), Following his appearance on TV, encouraged by his fans and producers, he made numerous performances in tribute to Michael Jackson, especially in Lisbon and Geneva, during events sponsored by charities. The scene made him aware that music is his element.

At the age of 12, ARTY already had been noticed by several music industry professionals such as Polo, manager of the Black Eyed Peas, Rudy, manager for Switzerland of David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, and the Ambassador for French music in London, Eric Vanderpoorter. He followed their advice ans joined the School of Music Technology, in order to develop his skills in music production software. He also went into DJing.

The release of his first Single Club and the objective of the international charts :

In 2013, ARTY already has composed several songs. He intends to release them soon. He has just completed his first Single in English:  Get up On the Floor, of which he is the author, composer, performer and producer.

En 2014, il publie son second single: Banana Bazooka.

In 2014, ARTY released his second single : Banana Bazooka.

At the moment, he prepares his third single « Mama Africa ».